We know this can be frustrating and our interest is getting your order delivered in its best and safest condition, however during transit from Happiroo to you there is a possibility of damage or spoilt especially fresh products. We don't want you to be unhappy and therefore, will help to work with you to resolve it. 

Missing Items 

If any items that you ordered were not received then you will have either received a refund for those items or you can get in touch on live chat, WhatsApp or Contact Form.

Return Items 

If you have received an item and don't want it anymore than you can simply fill in the form below and we will share the return address thereafter (Return postage is the returners responsibility). 

Perishable items 

Some products are not viable for returns especial perishable, fresh products. Depending what your case is we will issue a refund. We will need the below details first

  1. Inform us within 24 Hours by filling the form below
  2. Take pictures of the Items that are damaged, spoilt or unusable 

Our team will look into the matter and once it has been approved for a refund it will be processed immediately but can take up to 2 weeks for the funds to be in your account, depending on your bank.

 Thank you for your understanding.  


Product is successfully added in the Basket


Dear Community,

This is Sham, a fellow Asian like you, who faced similar problems living in the UK as you might be facing right now… unable to find genuine, fresh, and halal desi groceries near you.

And even if you do find halal groceries (like meat for example)...

You never know if it is the real deal or not. This is exactly why I launched Happiroo.

Since premium groceries are what make desi dishes so delicious… I partnered up with desi traders, who import the best quality goods right from our home countries. And that’s not the only thing why Happiroo is becoming the go-to online store for ordering desi groceries.

We are expanding our horizons every single month, so we can deliver the goods to you and many more in as little as 2 hours after they order something from our website.

Try us for once. The only thing you’ll regret is not ordering from us sooner.




We are working hard and will highly value your feedback.

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When reaching the Delivery method page during the checkout process you will find Saturday Delivery (Highlighted below) only select that otherwise you can expect it no earlier then Tuesday.


Saturday delivery is a special deliver hence the price difference.

Orders must be placed on Friday before 12PM (Afternoon) for Saturday delivery.



Perishable Items

It is your responsibility to make sure to select a date you are available to receive your order. If the delivery driver does not get access with their van to your address, and if you have not informed us of alternative arrangements such as neighbour, reception, at a shop and items go bad then we will not be able to refund any money. So please leave a clear note so the driver can deliver it safely.

Price Marks

These items are not applicable for online orders unless the website clearly states such pricing. Because of packaging costs sometimes those prices can not be matched.