Hello and Welcome to Happiroo where we strive to give you the connivence and freedom to do your food shopping in your comfort, to your door, within our 2 hours delivery windows. 


It all started during COVID19 when the founder saw people panic buying all the stock available in the supermarkets, leaving little to none for people who were working long hours or physically impaired. 

Time had turned on him when he urgently needed a delivery and was not able to go out of the house, than for the first time he decided to do his food shopping online. Adding items to the basket and going to the checkout page where it asked to pick a day and time for delivery. When doing so he was shocked that the earliest delivery he was getting is in two weeks time and he needed it by tomorrow. He wondered how people who need groceries can wait for a 2 weeks delivery. This is when it was decided to help those in need by creating a grocery shop which offers a uniqueness

  • Only shop that offers Asian And British Grocery with Halal Meats. 
  • 2 hour delivery slots
  • Low Prices



Happiroo having over 1200 products with no service charge and carrier bags. Helping to save every little possible.  

Our Values

Each and everyone it being customers or staff is treated as a VIP and we achieve this by being 

  • Listeners: The more we hear our customers thoughts the more we will be able to help.
  • Helpers: Regardless of what our roles are in the company if one needs help we look into the matter and help to find a solution. However, if we are not specialised for the help required we will direct and inform the person that is specialise in that matter. We do not leave people helpless.  
  • Integral: Having strong trust in one another, knowing that we are there for each other. 
  • Owners: We don't see our customers as means of making money but a fundamental part of the company just like a puzzle, if one piece is missing than the puzzle is incomplete. 


Our mission is to make Grocery shopping as easy and quick as possible. Select items and complete your order in a short period of time and get them delivered by our riders or drivers. Secondly, we are working on giving you that sociable shopping experience where you can interact with your contacts by simply entering their phone number and wait till they approve you. You can then share, create, or send shopping lists, recipes, or even an order. 


Online sociable shopping experience with full accessibility for busy, disabled, elderly and every person there is. We want to make this platform as convenient for you as possible so you don't become helpless.  We want to create a family where you see this as your own service, whenever you need help we want to be there for you and this can only be achieved with your valuable feedback which will help us in tailoring this according to your needs, simply Contact us and tailor this website to your needs.  



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We are working hard and will highly value your feedback.

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